Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Next meeting: Sunday, May 17

Hello again. I know we have been terrible about updating our blog lately. I apologize. We are attempting to redistribute some duties to make sure updates occur more frequently. Please bear with us. We're still working out some kinks. Our website will be cleaned up/redesigned this summer, as well.

First order of business:
Please join us on Sunday, May 17th from 3-6pm, to work on your craffiti creations for the June outdoor textiles installation and gallery opening. As you all know, we have been commissioned to tag the outside of the Harrison Center and, instead of sticking to yarn for our tagging, we invite you to create something using whatever textiles material you feel most comfortable working with. There will be artists working in crochet, macrame, knitting, needle felting, quilting and more. You can wrap a tree branch, door handle, stair railing, etc. Wherever you want to leave your mark. Bring your supplies, snacks and beverage (beer and/or alcohol is welcome, btw) and we'll enjoy great company along with great weather (hopefully). If it's nice, we'll set up outside. If it's raining, we'll head indoors. Either way, it should be a great time to create, collaborate and get to know other creative people.

Also, this would be a good time to bring any extra fabric or supplies that you'd like to swap or donate to the group.

Other Upcoming Events & Important Dates:
- Friday, May 22: all pieces for the Craft Mafia gallery show due to the HCA office or to Amy directly
- Friday, June 5 (from 6-9pm): Install outdoor textiles works ("craffiti creations") at the HCA, live music by Shirtless Biddles, FREE admission
- Saturday, June 13 (from 11am-10pm): INDIEana Handicraft Exchange & Craft Mafia gallery show opening at the HCA, FREE admission (we'd like volunteers to show their current personal projects and work a shift at the Indy Craft Mafia table at the front entrance)
- Monday, July 6 @ 7pm: Indy Craft Mafia Getting to Know You (location TBD, at a bar or restaurant)
- Sunday, July 26 (from 3-6pm): monthly meeting/workshop (activity, location TBD)

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