Wednesday, January 28, 2009

guerilla knitting crew to form in Indy

hello all. the information below was forwarded to me and i thought many of you might be interested. if you are unfamiliar with the original knitting graffiti gang, Knitta, check out their website.

Wanna be a Knitta? Wanna be a Gangsta? Wanna be Knitta Gangsta?

In urban centers around the world, gangs of knitters have been hitting their cities with soft graffiti. Poles, street signs, trees, and walls have been finding themselves suddenly bombed with soft and fuzzy, yet non-destructive vandalism. It is time that the city of Indianapolis defends itself with its own crew of subversive knitters/writers.

If you are a knitter, crocheter, or a fiber artist, and have some repressed rebellion, you are invited to join us in combining the craft of graffiti and street art with the concept of knitting and interlocking stitches.

Where: Our base is the gymnasium at Harrison Center for the Arts (1505 N. Delaware, Indianapolis , IN 46202 ).
Who: The gang leader/curator is Indianapolis based artist, Beth Eisinger
When: Our rendevouz time is every first Friday of the month (beginning on February 6th) up until the first Friday of May when our first "bombing" will take place.
What: The plan is to first vandalize the entire inside of the Harrison Center (we have permission for this, by the way) with knit graffiti.
What to Expect:
In the initial meeting on February 6th (First Friday) knitters will have the chance to meet each other and will have the opportunity to scout out the building and stake out their territory for their first project. Beth will also be bringing numerous images from past Knit Gangs and graffiti artists for inspiration. This time will also be used to brainstorm a large collaborative knit project to work on collectively during our following meetings. Artists will also have a chance to think about his/her "tag" or symbol that will be used to identify his/her artwork.

Additionally, Beth will be holding a pre-meeting on Saturday, January 31st at 7:30 pm at the Harrison Center for anyone who may be interested in working more closely with Beth in making this event and gang happen. The meeting will be a time of crazy brainstorming and planning for what this gang should be called and could become. Bring project ideas and anything related that you are working on!

If you are at all interested in joining or just want more information, write Beth at or call her at (317)910-9513.

The Knitters are Coming!

Beth Eisinger
The Harrison Center for the Arts!
1505 N. Delaware Street
Indianapolis , IN 46202


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